Chasing Dreams by Studying in Singapore

Jumat, April 12, 2019

Chasing Dreams by Studying in Singapore, do you? Maybe some of you are surprised, why must Singapore? Let's put it this way, those who have visited Singapore or at least just to transit in the Singapore Changi airport, surely know how modern the country is, isn't that right?

SIM GE Singapore

Singapore is not only famous for modernity but also its work ethic and the discipline of the workers who then forge the attitude into a successful career and business.

Speaking of success, Singapore has no doubt. Multi-storey buildings with their unique shapes, integrated transportation systems, varied and modern children's playgrounds, and also the high standard education makes Singapore worthy of your choice to pursue success.

Success in your career in business usually means that you have to get the right level of study. One of the best degrees you can get is business degrees Singapore or a Master in Business Administration. There are many companies in the world who want their employees to have high degrees like Singapore Business Degrees. If you are in Asia, one of the best things you can do is learn for Singapore's business degrees in Singapore. The country has become very popular in the business field.

As one of the countries that is rich and has close ties with western countries, Singapore is well-known as a country with excellent security conditions, controlled pollution levels, and a healthy and clean environment, making it suitable to be a place to stay while studying. By continuing to study at SIM GE Singapore, students can experience life in a rich culture. Singapore has the four largest ethnic groups, namely China, Malay, India and Eurasia. Ethnic diversity will enrich life experiences while studying in Singapore.

One way to prepare the world of work with complex demands is to study abroad. Why so? Because by studying while learning to live abroad, we will interact with people who have different languages ​​and cultures. In this internet era, everyone is connected to one another through gadgets. Distant distances in various parts of the world are not an obstacle to being able to interact with each other. The impact of ease of communication is the existence of globalization.

Globalization is the process of forming an organizational system among people throughout the world to follow the same systems and rules. Although now communication media is no longer an obstacle in exchanging information, which often becomes an obstacle in the process of globalization is language and culture. Yes, differences in language as the delivery of intentions and ideas, as well as cultural differences in a particular area often become obstacles to effective communication.

Of course we all agree that the goal of going to school is to get formal education, which will later become a provision for entering the workforce. However, the world of work this time requires that a person not only has a school diploma, but also has: ethics, independence, sensitivity, self-confidence, broad insight, high socialization and adaptability, and good communication skills and titles.

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10 komentar

  1. Studying on Singapura is their goals. How make they are learn more and more as people world miniature

  2. Studying business in Singapore reminds me of Merry Riana; Mimpi Sejuta Dolar The Movie. If there's a chance to study overseas at this time, Singapore will be on my top list. The closest developed country from Indonesia. The atmosphere really supports anyone to learn more discipline from Indonesia.

  3. Students choose Singapore as their study abroad destination because it has endless career opportunities. Amazing weather, English-speaking country, top education system, international batch mates, clean and safe country and affordable cost are the main reason.

  4. Singapore has its own enchantment. I was interested in studying there but not for business major. hehe

  5. Singapore is a very beautiful city. Who doesn't want to study there? There will be lots of new things to learn. So remember the story of Merry Riana while studying in Singapore.

  6. Even though Singapore is one of the high cost country, but they support and give a good facilities for their people. Especially in education dan business. It is one of a reason why parents are interested to send their child to that country, not only for study but learn how to be creative and survive.

  7. Aku bacanya jadi keingat Merry Riana, dengan Mimpi sejuta dollarnya. Siapa yang tak ingin skolah di Singapore yang sangat indah dan bersih. Sistem pendidikan yang sangat baik. Dan setuju kalimat akhirnya apapun itu harus didukung dengan kemampuan komunikasi yang baik dan adaptif dalam segala kondisi.

  8. I think everyone want study in Singapore. My smart friend had study in Singapore too. And he said when we want continued to study in master degree. He recomendation in Singapore. Wow. But I know that it’s not easy. Maybe my child can study there. Aamiin

  9. Some of my friends' children study and work in Singapore. Their salary is quite high there. I like Singapore, because the city is modern and clean, and the climate is the same as Indonesia.

  10. I once asked a friend who works in an International cruise ship, "Which is the best among the underdeveloped countries?"

    His answer was, "Singapore, ofcourse!"